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BareMetal: Animated Gif Resource Page;

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[Dancing Devil - small and cute]

I've promised to put up a page on animated GIFs, or at least a starting point for information about these... so here it is.

The authoritative site for this information is:

OK, some details. Animated GIFs are a significant improvement over things like server side pushes for the following reasons:

  • They run smoother. (Better animation.)
  • They load faster (sort of).
  • They're easier on the server.
  • Each frame in the animation only loads once, so they're easier on the "Internet" (i.e. the communications network).
  • You can do more complex animations (because each frame only loads once). With server side pushes, you have little or very crude control over the animation speed (usually you run it as fast as you can, and the clients modem limits the animation speed).


This example was given to BareMetal by client and artist Gail Mewes of Artz2go. It is subject to the normal laws of copyright.

Local Yokel's spokesperson 'Heysoose': [small cartoon animation]

Assembled by: Tom Brown

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