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Company Information

About BareMetal; Inc. provides web hosting services to the "friends" around the world.

The "BareMetal Designs" web hosting business was created to provide services to friends. Our core ethics can still be summarized as treating our clients as friends (we earn our fees, we don't take advantage of client mistakes, etc). The proprietorship was converted into " Inc" in 2000, but our history goes back much farther. We have focused on web-hosting since 1995. Before that, we provided consulting on Internet connectivity, UNIX, and PC-based local area networks. Prior to that, we wrote custom software.

Our Name:

The name BareMetal was picked from "The Hacker Jargon File" where it refers to programming at the hardware level and to building computers and system software from scratch.

We liked the implications: depth of knowledge, ability to build clean systems, none of yesterday's headaches. We strive to keep this ideal by understanding everything we do without skipping the details.

Our Staff:

Baremetal Staff
(This picture is out of date :(. See if you can guess who is who! Answers at the bottom of the page.)'s president is Tom Brown. Tom went through the Co-op Electrical Engineering program at UVic (graduating with First Class Distinction in 1990). His resume includes five years of working with the BC Government as a systems analyst, a couple semesters of teaching at a local college, and a lot of time as a business owner.

Tim Woodcock is the senior programmer on staff. He finished his Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Co-op Computer Science in 1996. Tim filled the roles of tech support, system programmer, and sys-admin with a Victoria ISP before joining BareMetal.

Our technical support team consists of James Fleming and Steven Somers. They both have many years of Internet experience.

We are assisted by our families, and the normal network of professional relationships, including those with our primary suppliers:, CIRA, and Priority Colo.

We would like to acknowledge the contributions of past employees and co-op students: Victor Chong, Abram Hindle, Nathan Eror, Kelly Davyduck, Ewan Edwards, and Vince Bird.

See the Billing Info page for contact info.

(2001 Staff picture identities: Adults from left to right: Tim, Ewan, Tom, Vince (playing peekaboo). The toddler is Tom's daughter Daya and the "big dog" was Vince's great dane Allister.)

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