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BareMetal Web Hosting;

We specialize in 'web hosting' and all the best things that go with it. Customer service, responsiveness, competence, and affordability are our distinguishing characteristics.

Considering setting up a web-site with your ISP? Here are a few of the reasons why we think you should choose BareMetal instead of your ISP.

Our web hosting rate structure is competitive, and our bulk rates are amongst the best we know of. (It's not unlimited traffic, but the usage rates are very low, and the surcharges don't kick in until you are running a very busy site :-)

Our clients tend to be resellers... we host many "Web presence providers" -- companies whose business is writing HTML for other businesses. We host sites for businesses that write their own HTML, and we have a few businesses that resell our services. Here is a small sample of our client list.

The company is founded on the belief that excellent customer service, a high quality product, and competitive rates will build a strong and successful business. We're not here to make a fast (or easy) profit.

Quick Facts:

  • We provide virtual servers (IP based and/or HTTP/1.1 Host: headers)
  • We can register a domain for your company to use for web and E-mail use.
  • We have an extensive CGI library and toolkit that can make your web-site much more effective.
  • We offer secure web services (ex.
  • We can offer redundant servers to provide a very high level of service availability.
  • We can offer you your own (virtual) FTP site.
  • We can host your mailing-list (Majordomo/mailman/ezmlm).
  • We supply forms parsing tools and SQL databases to leverage your development time and your web-site.
  • 3 log files (access, error, and referer), daily month-to-date summaries, all available over through a password protected web interface.
  • Log analysis tools to help you pinpoint broken links and analyze which search engines are sending which queries to your site.

More questions? Try the FAQ or the welcome checklist.

Account setup is usually done either through e-mail to or via the following Account setup Form.

Note: Please don't put us in conflict with our values. We would rather NOT host adu1t sites.

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