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What an Internet Provider should be.

Registering a TBR domain;

Hopefully you are here because you want to register a .CA domain which may go "TBR" (To Be Released) soon. (See our .ca FAQ for a description of the expiration timing.)

We run a "TBR queing" system which you can use to submit lists of .CA domains for registration if/when they get released. This system will register these expired domains during CIRA's special "TBR registration period".

The system has been enhanced to handle bidding on domains. see this page for details.

The official list of TBR domains is CIRA's TBR List.

Getting access to our TBR system is easy... but there are a number of steps.

You need to get a billing ID so you can login to the 'My Account' area of our site. You can do that with the 'Create a New Billing ID' link on that page.

You need to login to the my-account area and click on "Enable Credit Card Billing" to put a credit card # on file. Once that is done, an "Enter the TBR system" menu item will be added to your menu under "Domain Registrations".

And, there is one last detail. You need to create a contact to own the domain should we be able to get it for you. If you already have a .ca domain registered with us, you already have a contact you can use. Otherwise you can use this form.

With the above steps/requirements done... you should be able to take that "Enter the TBR system" link from the my-account area and place orders for expiring .CA domains!

The only thing we will bill to your credit card is successfull registrations. Billing will be at our standard retail rates unless you have chosen to bid on a domain (which increases its price, but allows you to "jump ahead" of other customers). If you are worried about trusting us, please remember that most credit card charges can be refused. (We're the ones taking the risk.)

If the above procedure does not work for you, please call us toll-free or use the secure message page.

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