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Billing Information

Billing Info;

Contact Information:

The three primary contact addresses for billing at BareMetal are:
  1. E-mail: .

    (Note that technical requests and urgent issues should be sent to

    Messages that need to be encrypted can be sent via the secure form at

  2. Phone: We are reachable at 250-598-7708 (or 1-800-431-5811) from about 9:30 am to 5:30 pm weekdays. We like to do as much of our communications via e-mail as we can (this works best for our distributed structure [multiple offices in different cities]).

    The fax number is: 250-477-5686.

  3. MAILING address (not a business office): Inc.
    4255 Shelbourne St.
    Victoria, BC, Canada, V8N 3G1

Account Status and/or Payments:

You can check your account status and/or use your credit card to pay your outstanding invoices at: (the My Account area).

VISA, MasterCard, and American Express credit card transactions are processed online. Payment status is updated and receipts are e-mailed immediately (automatically).

In order to access this area, you will need your billing ID (which is located on any of your invoices) and either your billing password or one of your invoice numbers.

For added security, if you have a billing password, you must use it.

Your 'billing ID' is located just above your address on your invoice or statement as shown below in parenthesis "()".

On the following example invoice, the invoice number is 0000, and the billing ID is jsmith.

                                Invoice #:  0000

                                      4255 Shelbourne St
BareMetal.Com Inc.                    Victoria, B.C.   Canada
                                      V8N 3G1    250-598-7708

For: Joe Smith (billingid: jsmith)
123 Some St.
Sometown, ST

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