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What an Internet Provider should be.


Main Positions:

  • Tech Support. (filled) We are looking for someone with good customer relations skills to handle front-line phone support for domain registration and webhosting clients, as well as handling occasional in-the-office questions and payments.
Good candidates would have a good understanding of:
  • Basic IP network connectivity, DNS, ping, traceroute.
  • Basic webhosting and webserving. File uploads, logs, status codes (404, 403, 401, 200 etc...).
  • Basic e-mail services, SMTP, POP.
  • Domain registration basics, DNS servers, whois.
  • .CA domain registrations, registRANTs.
  • Linux command line, e.g. tools for finding information like tail, egrep, sed, cut.

Other usefull skills include UNIX/Linux programming and system administration, and accounting.

The Environment:

Join a small company with a technical focus and a reputation for doing the job right, from both the technical and customer viewpoints. In short, join the "Friendly, Competent Sysadmins" at BareMetal.

Please send text or pdf resume to:

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