Frequently asked Questions

Or at least questions that should be frequently asked :-).

  1. Tech Support
  2. WordPress
  3. Anonymous FTP
  4. Setup Fees
  5. Domain Setup Fees
  6. Domain Application Forms
  7. Web Server Usage Statistics
  8. Web Server log files
  9. Secure Server
  10. "Other Stuff"

Tech Support

The main support pages are at support/, and the CGI tools are documented at gadgets/.


We do support wordpress sites. You will need to ask us to add a MySQL database to your account, and there is an installer in the /sec-bin/ area that will download and install the latest version of wordpress for you.

Anonymous FTP

We can provide you with your own anonymous FTP site. It will require that you have an IP based account. Contact support for details. We do not support anonymous uploads. If you wish to have friends/clients upload files, we will suggest an extra FTP userid with a simple password.

Setup Fees

There are no setup fees for the web servers. We won't start billing until the start of the month _after_ you order your account... And if you're not satisfied with our service at the end of the first billed month, let us know and we'll close your account and delete the invoice. Call it your guarantee of good service.

Domain Setup Fees

There are none. (Unless you start asking for extras like SSL certificates for a secure server.)

Domain Application Details

If you use our registration services, then the DNS server and tech contact information will already be set correctly.

Otherwise you'll need to get the DNS servers for your domain switched to:


Web Server Usage Statistics

Usage Statistics are computed every night shortly after midnight. These are available in the password protected area (/sec-bin/) on your server. Statistics from the previous months, and from the start of the month to the end of the preceding day are always available.

Web Server log files

Log files: we provide you with your own log files. There are three useful files that we can provide -- the access log, which tells where and when your site was accessed from; the referrer log, which indicates which URL referred the browser to your site; and the error log (which we always hope is empty :-) which can indicate broken links, missing pages, or people mistyping URLs...

"Other Stuff"

If you have a question that we haven't answered, or you just can't find, please ask!

We pride ourselves on high quality knowledge and administration skills. If someone else offers a good service that you would like us to offer, we can probably provide it. There could be a setup charge of course.