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Technical Support

Tech Support Index;

"Tech Support" covers a huge range of questions, information, and suggestions, so we will provide separate pages for each of the main areas, and an index here. If you can not find what you are looking for, Please Contact Us! .

We sell two different services (hosting and domain registrations). It helps to know the difference so you can find the right part of the website for support.

  1. Domain Registrations vs Web-Hosting which is which?
  2. Passwords, why so many? Which does what?

Domain registration related pages.

  1. Registering/Renewing/Transfering a domain registration.
  2. Managing a domain registration. (changing nameservers, contacts, etc.)
  3. Advanced items. (Bulk registrations/changes/rates etc.)
  4. Currently, most of our domain registration related information is linked from The FAQs are good for explaining everything, but the pages above are more "task oriented".

Webhosting pages:

  1. Publishing your pages (FTP or Frontpage or webmanager).
  2. E-mail. (Server setup, client setup, spam tips, webmail, ...)
  3. Moving your website between hosting services.
  4. Prewritten CGI library.
  5. Installing your own CGI scripts. Fixme: Need to add Suexec details.
  6. PHP, MySQL, php.ini and .htaccess info and tips
  7. Secure server pages (SSL, PGP, etc). (fixme. For now see: SSL and PGP. )
  8. Web site statistics - available from the control panel
  9. Control Panel


  1. Payment terms, payment methods, billing options.
  2. You can see and pay invoices via the My Account area, or by following the instructions here.
  3. Supported charities.
  4. Referrals: How to make easy money off with BareMetal.

Please contact support if you can't find what you are looking for or need more details!

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