Why Us

Specialization, affordability, competence, quality, flexibility, responsiveness, ...

In one word: "choices".

We're professional - "Web Hosting is our business." It's not a side line.

We're ISP independent - When you have a presence on the net independent of your ISP, you become free to change ISPs and take the best deal "this month".

We're Affordable - The ISP business is a tough one, and ISPs often see web hosting as an easy way to make a few extra dollars. Since clients tend to look to their ISP first it often works well for the ISP. Our rates reflect our costs, not our greed.

We're Specialists - "Would you buy a car from the business that sells you gas?" -- probably not. So why would you buy web service from someone who sells internet ACCESS? :-)

We're Flexible - We don't have the same ties to the phone company, or a "big pipe" access provider that an ISP does. Consequently we can move machines around and across network providers as the need arises.

Sample Benefits:

  • All the usual goodies (i.e. counter, guestbook, etc...)
  • Multiple e-mail accounts at your domain, including webmaster.
  • Secure server -- with all our normal goodies.
  • Advanced development tools like PHP and mySQL.
  • THREE log files: Access, Error, and Referer.
  • Log file analysis tools:
    • Nightly reports of all the accesses (month to date) of your server.
    • A referer analysis tool which shows you what links people followed to get INTO your site. Included with this are the text that they used with some search engines, and links back to the refering page so you can easily see where you site was presented. Our referer log is enhanced to allow you to identify the incoming browser and follow him/her through your site.
    • An error log analysis tool which shows you the broken links :-( in your site, including the URL that the client tried to access, AND the page that CONTAINED the broken link! (all as active <a href=...> links so you can easily check them...)
  • Fast servers and fast connections. We build and maintain our own computers, but we co-locate them with ISPs. This allows us to upgrade our equipment and connections as required, without the expense of installing high speed communications links.