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Baremetal VMail update: Challenge/Response, domain wide defaults, Advanced SpamAssassin settings;

April 20th: We have completed another significant update to the VMail system that we use. This update adds Challenge/Response, domain-wide spamassassin settings, and the capability to make advanced spamassassin configuratiion changes.

In brief, the challenge/response system causes the mail system to queue messages from unknown senders, and to send back a message (a challenge) to them. The message asks them to respond (the response, see where the "challenge/response" name comes from?) to the challenge. When they do, they are marked as valid senders, their queued messages are forwarded, and any future messages they send are passed through immediately.

The domain-wide SpamAssassin settings allow the administrator to configure the default SpamAssassin thresholds, the default black and white lists, as well as tweak the advanced settings for the whole domain (see next paragraph).

The advanced SpamAssassin settings allow users to re-configure SpamAssassin. This includes change scores for the various rules, possibly adding new rules, etc. This isn't to be done casually. Please read the documentation at carefully.

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