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.CA domain password phishing scam;

Dec 13th, 2004.

CIRA (the .ca registry) has warned us that they are going to send a mailout to all .ca registrants warning of "Misleading Verification Notices". Their summary instructions are "Do not share your CIRA User Account Number or Password with anyone" (which is plain good advice).

The core of the message is:

CIRA has learned that an unknown party is attempting to obtain CIRA User Account Numbers and Passwords from dot-ca registrants by sending MISLEADING EMAIL NOTICES that appear to originate from CIRA.� These misleading emails request that CIRA User Account Numbers and Passwords be provided to validate registrant information and prevent domain name suspension (inactivation). The emails originate from COMPLIANCE@CIRA.CC. CIRA's compliance email address is COMPLIANCE@CIRA.CA

This type of fraudulent messaging has become quite common on the internet. It is another form of identity theft. Banks, E-Bay and Paypal have been common targets in the past. The rules of thumb are to try to be sure you know who you are talking to, and try to type in URLs yourself instead of following ones supplied in an e-mail or on a web page that you do not already trust. This is part of "taking adequate security precautions".

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