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What an Internet Provider should be.

BareMetal supports The Land Conservancy\'s Sooke Potholes project; Inc has decided to support the TLC's Sooke Potholes campaign. A few words from Tom Brown ( Inc President) can summarize why:

"I grew up in a very rural area, and have done a lot of hiking, and this section of the Sooke River is definitely one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. To have such a place so close to Victoria, and so conveniently accessed is amazing. If you get a chance to ride out on that end of the Galloping Goose trail, it is well worth giving yourself an extra hour to poke around the trails at the rivers edge. It is (still?) private property, but when I have been there, the owners/caretakers have been very tolerant of respectful visitors.

To have the chance to acquire this property for the public benefit is amazing. This is the sort of property I dream of owning if I won a lottery. Consequently I find it hard to believe that it hasn't been bought privately again."

BareMetal donates aproximately $0.50 for evey domain registration year we sell to the buyers choice of charities. We plan to offer the TLC as a charity choice at least until the Potholes aquisition is closed.

BareMetal has donated $250 to the TLC (sorry, we're not a mega-corporation), and made an advance donation of the $250 we hope domain registration clients will assign to the TLC.

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