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October Update;

October 11, 2005. Lots of news:

.CA price reduction

The wholesale (registry) price of .CA domains dropped July 1st, and our retail prices dropped to $12.99 at that time. We also re-organized our discounts so that previous purchases count more quickly toward volume discounts.

Web-Hosting service via

Many of our domain-registration clients are familiar with our service. has been updated to include web-hosting products, which will provide cheap hosting solutions to our clients (something the BareMetal product line has traditionally lacked).

We plan to offer domain-dns webhosting through the BareMetal domain registration system. We would like to know how our resellers would like this implimented. For some clients it will be a chance to earn an ongoing commission on a bigger sale, for others it could be in direct conflict with their product line.

As long as your clients follow a link with an embedded referrer to the registration system, you can control which products are displayed, and the domain-dns products will not show by default. (Please see Reseller Options in the My-Account changes section below).

Changes to BareMetal "starter+" product (reseller)

We have decided to allow starter+ accounts to have POP service. This will make life simpler for everyone and it opens up the door for simpler and cheaper web hosting. The change is transparent, as the userid@domain formatted userids would not have worked previously. See for more information.

New BareMetal Web-Hosting product (retail)

BareMetal is pleased to introduce a "named hosting" product (for retail sale). It is effectively the same as the starter+ product mentioned above, but it has a small disk and bandwidth allowance of its own.

See for more details.

My-Account area changes.

There have been a lot of changes to the My-Account area in the last few months. I'll describe some of the key changes.

1) The authentication system has been improved so that we can mail out "plain text passwords". The old system was frustrating for people with billing passwords, these passwords were stored encrypted and consequently we could not mail them to you. If you forgot your billing password, the system could only mail out a billing id/invoice # pair. You had to login and reset your billing password, and wait for the e-mail with your new billing password in it. Unfortunately, this change only aplies to new passwords.

2) There is now an "Auto Billing" option in the my-account area. This can be used to enable/disable/update autobilling of your invoices to a credit card.

3) There is a new "Payment History" menu item. This summarizes the payments which have been made on your account. Technically, this is just a reformatting of the information displayed on the view invoice screen. This should make it much easier to reconcile payments.

4) .CA registRANT transfers and registRANT merges are now available from the domain detail page for .ca domains. As per our .CA FAQ, merges are free, but RANT transfers cost money and use the Baremetal "on credit" logic, so you will need to login with a billing password to enable this.

Domain registration referrals/resellers

There is now a "Referral Report" in the my-account area menu. This report will tell you the number of visitors and sales referred to the baremetal domain registration system for your billing id. See for more details.

In the same theme, the "Reseller Options" link allows you to control what "domain usage" options are shown to prospective domain registration buyers. By default everything except the domain-dns webhosting products are shown, but you can turn off almost all the options (you have to leave one :). For folks which sell domain registrations but do their own hosting this should be a good thing.

Thanks for reading, as always, we appreciate your feedback!

- - The BareMetal Hosting Team.

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