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Vancouver Fire / July 14 2008 Outage of Peer1 based servers;

A few of the servers we run are hosted at in Vancouver. had a major problem with the Vancouver area power failure this morning (Monday July 14th). Their backup generators wouldn't carry the load. This was apparently due to a "low water pressure" problem related to the fire. The outage started at aproximately 11am (pacific time). The generators finally provided stable power around 4:30pm... at which point the BareMetal servers that are hosted at the Peer1 facility started to come back. Unfortunately they did not all come back up, which meant we had to scramble around a bit.

Most of the servers/services were restored by 7:30pm (five, overload3, the NT box). We had a problem with a bad kernel update on star3 which meant it didn't want to boot, that required some fancy remote work with a floppy disk and obviously hands-on assistance from peer1 (and they were rather busy), but that was finished at 1:30am (including some slow file-system checks). The longest issue, was the server handling mail for the NT box which wasn't replaced until the next day.

Our official policy regarding service interruptions is that we give a credit where we (baremetal) have messed up, but we will give the affected accounts a free month as this was a long interruption during business hours.

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