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BareMetal Referrals Program;

What is a referral?

BareMetal's referral system is a commission sales system. When you refer a client to us, you get a commission on the products that client buys from us. You will usually get a commission on future sales to the same client.

What BareMetal products can I refer to BareMetal?

Most BareMetal web-hosting and domain-registration products have a referral commission attached to them. You get commission on all applicable products that the client orders.

Commissions on web-hosting products are 10% (except bandwidth, which doesn't get a commission), commissions on domain registrations are currently set to $0.50 per domain/year.

How do I become a referrer?

To be a BareMetal referrer, you need a BareMetal billing id. If you already have one, you can use it to refer people to us.

A billing id is assigned to you when you purchase a BareMetal product, but you can request a billing id without making a purchase by emailing your contact information to

I am a referrer; when do I get paid?

Once a month BareMetal will pay out the commissions. If you are a regular BareMetal client this will be a credit to your account. Otherwise we will send you a cheque when your total credit is> $20 (canadian).

How do I send referrals to BareMetal?

For selling domain registrations, link your web site to:<billing_id> (replace <billing_id> with your billing id.) (Note that you may get a commission on a hosting order too!)

For hosting requests, there currently is no automated way to provide a referer. However, if you set up a form on your web site that provides the information we need to establish a web hosting account, you can include a referred_by tag, and our tech staff will set up the referral information when they create the account. For casual use, you can use our form, or have your client do it, and note the referral in the special instructions. If you setup your own form, it should include the following fields/data:

  • Customer Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Valid Email Address
  • Account Type (optional)

The mail2 gadget can help you set up the form.

How do I see my referral statistics?

Login to The My Account area and follow the link to "Referral Report", to view your referral statistics.

Can I create/issue my own referer ids? Can I organize my referrals to gain marketing statistics?

Yes. Just add a period and your own identifier after your baremetal billing ID.

For example, if your billing id is "z_0000" and you want to see referrals that come from your domain registration page, you could use an ID like z_0000.domreg. The resulting URL would look like this:

Resulting referrals would be tracked separately from your other referrals.

This page is a work in progress. Your feedback would be appreciated.

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