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What an Internet Provider should be.

Domain Registrar Transfer Flow-chart;

.CA domains are a little different. Please see the .CA FAQ.

Transfers away to other registrars follow much the same process, and start at the other registrar.

Click on the white boxes in the flow-chart below to learn more of each step:

Parties involved:

  • Registrant - This is you (the domain owner).

  • BareMetal - That's us. We handle collecting the information for your registration (and your money), sending the transfer request to the registry (through OpenSRS).

  • Admin-Contact - Hopefully this is you. The admin contact is the e-mail address listed in the whois information for your domain, and will need to receive an e-mail message to confirm the transfer request.

  • OpenSRS - OpenSRS is our wholesale supplier, their systems talk directly to the Registry.

  • Registry and /Old Registrar - This is two entities actually. The Registry is the central authority which collects registration details about each domain. The Registry does not generally work directly with domain owners, but instead works through a Registrar (like BareMetal). The Old Registrar is the company that the domain was previously registered through. Some registrars implement their own confirmation processes for domains which are transferring away, and some (like network solutions) have their own rules about what transfers will automatically be denied. For the new registries (.US, .BIZ, .INFO) you will probably have to get a transfer confirmation code (auth code) from the old registrar.

Steps Involved

Request Transfer

By filling out the forms, you start the process of transferring your domain registration from your old registrar to BareMetal. (This is not the same thing as changing hosting services.)

If you pay for your transfer with a credit card, then the next three steps are done automatically (invoice generation and payment, and the the request is immediately sent to OpenSRS).

Generate Invoice

If you chose to pay for your transfer with a cheque or money order, (or even at a later time with a credit card,) then BareMetal will show you an invoice on your screen that you can print, and we also e-mail it to you. This process is automatic and happens immediately.


If you chose to for your transfer with a cheque or money order, then of course you will need to do that. Alternatively you can use the details from the invoice to login to the "My Account" area and pay online via credit card.

Tell OpenSRS to proceed

Once payment has been processed, BareMetal sends the transfer request to OpenSRS. For transfers that are paid for immediately with a credit card, this process is automatic. For transfers paid for later, there will be a short delay until BareMetal staff can send the request to OpenSRS.

Sends Confirmation Request

OpenSRS then sends out an e-mail to the admin contact, requesting that they go to a website and enter the domain name and a confirmation code. This step authenticates the transfer request and generally stops "black hats" from being able to steal other peoples domain names.

Ack Confirmation

The admin contact goes to the website as requested and confirms the transfer request. If this confirmation is not done, the transfer will timeout in 7 days and BareMetal will refund or credit your account for the failed transfer.

Sanity Check

Once the transfer has been approved, OpenSRS checks the request, to make sure nothing is strange (like a transfer for or to some tiny outfit in Bermuda).

Send to the Registry

Once the sanity check is done (usually one a few hours max), OpenSRS sends the transfer request to the registry.

Opportunity to decline

Once the transfer is submitted to the Registry, the old Registrar becomes aware of it, and has the opportunity to check the transfer and allow or deny it.

The old registrar can veto the transfer. In most cases the old registrar neither denies or approves the transfer request, and the default action is for the Registry to approve the transfer after the 5 days (but sometimes it can take as long as 9 days).

The process can be faster with Registrars (like network solutions) that implement their own confirmation process, as they usually will approve a transfer they have confirmed instead of letting it timeout.


Your registration or transfer has now been:

  • Submitted to BareMetal
  • Paid for
  • Processed via OpenSRS
  • Domain Admin contact has approved transfer request
  • OpenSRS has checked and verified all is okay with domain name
  • OpenSRS has submitted the transfer request to the Registry
  • Old Registrar/Registry has had an opportunity to decline

Your domain name registrar has been changed to and your registration has been extended by a year.

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