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CGI-Wrap Documentation Frequently Asked Questions;

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General Questions

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe from the CGIWrap mailing list?

  • To subscribe, send a note containing "subscribe cgiwrap FirstName LastName" to
  • To unsubscribe, send a note containing "unsubscribe cgiwrap" to from the account that is subscribed to the list.
  • If you are unable to subscribe or unsubscribe, send a note to me at Please do not send subscribe/unsubscribe messages to the list.
  • More information on the mailing list is available here.

How do I send a message to the mailing list?

  • Any mail sent to will be send to the mailing list, even if you are not a subscriber.

What is on topic for the mailing list?

  • anything cgiwrap related
  • use of cgiwrap with ssi/cgi/verious servers/tricks/etc
  • Discussion of any cgiwrap incompatibilities with other scripts, etc.
  • cgi security questions and issues related or not related to cgiwrap.
  • Anything else that comes up that is of interest to a large number of cgiwrap users.

Administrative Questions

  • I am getting the error "Can't ... ". How can I fix this?

    CGIwrap needs to be installed set-uid to root. Log in as root, change to the server's cgi-bin directory, and issue the commands:
    	chown root cgiwrap
    	chmod 4755 cgiwrap
  • I am getting the error "setgroups() failed!". What is wrong?

    This occurs when CGIwrap is unable to set auxilliary groups. Auxillliary groups are groups that a user in a member of (in /etc/group), that are not the user's primary group (in /etc/passwd). Two things you can do here are to make sure CGIwrap is installed correctly (has to be setid root to be able to set auxilliary groups.), or disable setting auxilliary groups (answer no to the question when running Configure.).

User Questions

  • I am getting a 500 Server Error, how can I debug my script?

    CGIwrap supports a debugging mode which can help to debug scripts. To use it, call CGIwrap via the URL http://.../cgiwrapd/... instead of http://.../cgiwrap/....

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