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CGI-Wrap Documentation Quick Reference to URLs ;

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In all of the below examples, replace SERVER with the hostname and port of your webserver. Replace USER with your userid, and replace SCRIPT with the name of the script that is located in your cgi-bin directory.

In the below URLs you can replace "cgiwrap" according to the following:

Normal script execution

Executes script, but returns debugging information, also is returned preformatted, so you can see the source that the script is outputting.


Same as above, except you sometimes need to use this if your script outputs binary data, such as an image counter script.

Standard Installation of CGIWrap

Place your scripts in your ~/public_html/cgi-bin/ directory

  • http://SERVER/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/USER/SCRIPT
  • http://SERVER/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/~USER/SCRIPT
  • http://SERVER/cgi-bin/cgiwrap?user=USER&script=SCRIPT

Password Protected Installation of CGIWrap

Place your scripts in your ~/public_html/auth-cgi-bin/ directory

  • http://SERVER/auth-cgi-bin/cgiwrap/USER/SCRIPT
  • http://SERVER/auth-cgi-bin/cgiwrap/~USER/SCRIPT
  • http://SERVER/auth-cgi-bin/cgiwrap?user=USER&script=SCRIPT


The syntax examples above using user= and script= are carryovers from the original versions of CGIwrap, and are not really needed. I highly reccomend you don't use them, the other examples are much clearer and easier to use.

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