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From: Shane DeRidder <SHANE@TOGETHER.NET>

Actually, if you use Apache 1.1 (recently released), you can use their
built-in handlers like:

AddHandler cgi-wrapper .cgi
Action cgi-wrapper /virtual-path-to-wrapper/username

Of course, this requires all cgi's to end in '.cgi' but there is no need
to force the cgis to remain in one directory (as long as you compile the
wrapper to believe cgi's are in the user's root html directory).

I have my server configured to disallow all CGIs, so users are forced to
use the better than I had ever expected.  They can do
anything with their web sites - and none of them realize the wrapper
is in use.


Shane DeRidder     | System Administrator / Webmaster | Together Networks
(802)860-5166      |

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