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PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy. [ We now use an equivalent program GNU Privacy Guard ( ). ] It is a program used to encrypt messages such that they can only be decrypted by one person who has a 'private key' and (usually) a password to use that key.

Because that private key is typically stored on YOUR computer, and not on our webserver, data that is encrypted FOR your private key can not be captured if someone is 'eavesdropping' when you receive that data, or if someone breaks into our webserver.

The PGP International site has a lot more information about how PGP works.

Getting setup to use PGP is a little bit complex.

First you need to get a copy of the program, either from the PGP International website, or from whomever owns the commercial version of PGP now... (The company keeps changing hands, but seems to be working again. :-)

Then you need to install it, and generate a public/private key key-pair for yourself. When you've got that done, we need you to send us your PUBLIC key ... once we've got that installed in the webserver, you can send yourself encrypted messages from our webserver.

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