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This gadget allows you to write HTML Targetted for a particular browser without making any comprimises. It does this by allowing you to write several different versions of each page and have the correct one displayed for the incomming browser.

The browsers currently supported are: Netscape 2.X, Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0, Netscape 1.X, and everyone else. Our February stats show 92% of the browser population being covered by these three browsers, and you are still free to write the 'left over' page in a generic manner.

To install the gadget, you download the gadget and install it whichever directory you want to use it in. It becomes the default page for that directory (so you do NOT want an index.html file in that directory).

You then write your targetted pages and install them with the file names shown in the table below.

Browser Filename
Netscape 2 index.ns2.php
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Netscape 1 index.ns1.php
Others index.def.php

Please note that if you don't write a Netscape 2, or Microsoft Internet Explorer version of a page, but you DO write a Netscape 1 version of a page, then either of those two browsers will get the Netscape 1 page (they are both supposed to be upward compatible).

Click HERE to try it. Please use the mailto link at the bottom and tell us what happened if it doesn't work.


"The target gadget" is only available to our clients, as we are trying to give them an edge on the competition. The ID/password pair that the web server is asking for is your BareMetal FTP userid and password pair. This gadget is only installable in source code form, thus the security.

The awkward file names are a consequence of a security feature we built into PHP on this server (all files ending in .php are parsed by the PHP package, and ONLY files ending in .php are parsed by PHP.)

There is currenly no support for handling files other than the default file for a directory. The logic behind this was that you can simply construct appropriate links once your browser has been determined.

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