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Control Panel

The control area for your website is at http://yourdomain/sec-bin/ . If it helps to remember it, "sec-bin" is the secure version of cgi-bin. It is password protected using the same userid/password you use to FTP your files to the webserver.

The most commonly used features in the /sec-bin/ area are the "Virtual Mail" manager, and the statistics and log file tools. I'll list the links here. Keep in mind, that all the e-mail options are integrated into the Virtual Mail manager.

  • admin - the admin page to control who is allowed here.
  • status - check out a few parameters: host, rewrite rules, link to admin interface
  • setcounter - Delete and set counter values.
    ------------ END OF MANAGER SPECIFIC OPTIONS ---------------
  • phpMyAdmin - Database Management
  • phpMyAdmin-old - old version
  • Virtual Mail - Virtual mail manager
    ------------ END OF PRIVILEGED OPTIONS ---------------
  • webalizer - Graphical usage stats
  • - Detailed Usage stats - month to date and past months summaries.
  • pagehits - Directory based summary of Usage stats - month to date and past months summaries.
  • visitors - Basic visitor stats (month to date).
  • agents - Browser stats! (month to date).
  • - Hits for the month to date in gory detail
  • - Details on the hits generating errors.
  • - Details on the hits coming from off site (Referer Log).
  • download - Download any of the current or past logs for this site.
  • spew-counters - Display all the hit counters for this site.
  • diskusage - Display a summary of disk usage for this site.
  • mapit - A tool for directing different domains to different directories or redirecting them.
    ------------ END USER LINKS WORTH REMEMBERING ---------------
  • Webmail (squirrel mail)
  • Webmail (simpler, but more primitive webmail)
  • Webmail ("webmail" system designed for bulk deleting mail)
  • Change FTP Account Password
  • Change Email Password (POP email accounts only)
  • Change SPAM settings (POP email accounts only)

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