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Tech Support: Uploading your pages.;

Uploading your pages

The two most commonly used methods for uploading files are FTP (by far the most common), and FrontPage. Frontpage is not installed by default, if you want to use it, please ask support.

FTP Settings

This is fairly simple. The FTP server name is the name of the website you want to connect to. You should have been issued a userid and a random password. (You can change your FTP password at http://yourdomain/cgi-bin/wwwpass .) The last piece of information you need is the directory to store your files in. This is listed with the userid and password in the welcoming e-mail we send out. Usually it is the first part of your domain name. (ex. If your site is at the directory would be "yourdomain" .)

For very basic instructions for Windows users that use Internet Explorer and do not have an FTP program see these instructions on how to upload your web site using Internet Explorer for Windows users only.


Frontpage is a little simpler. Frontpage knows what directories your files go into, and the Frontpage interface makes it obvious that you connect directly to your website.

Notes: If your FrontPage extensions don't work, this could be caused by several issues. The most common is that people use FTP to transfer their FrontPage files to our servers. This will not work as the files need to be "adjusted" for our servers, and this is done automatically during the "publishing" process. If Frontpage complains that the extensions are not installed, contact support!

Shell Access

Techies sometimes like to update their website "directly". We can grant shell access to direct clients if required, but it is a privilege, only to be used for maintaining your site. It is not a service we sell, and we will revoke the privilege without warning if we feel it is being abused. (We also require acceptance of our conditions before granting it.)

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