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The gadget supports a convenient method of automatically mailing out text files upon request.

This capability is enabled by simply adding some carefully named checkboxes to your input form. The name of these checkboxes is "ar-" followed by the path from your home directory (the directory above the webserver's / directory) to the document.

For example, we have two text documents (textone.txt and texttwo.txt in the /gadgets/mail2/ directory on the web server).

Since the baremetal webserver lives in the baremetal directory of tbrown's home directory, the name of the checkbox corresponding to the first of these files would be ar-/gadgets/mail2/textone.txt

For this to work, the form needs to have a FROM field so it knows where to mail the documents to, and it would be wise to make that a MANDATORY field.

It also needs to know your ftp userid, so it knows where to start looking for the files. Specify this in a parameter called LOGIN.

   First document: 
  Second document: 
Send the above to:  (an e-mail address)

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