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mail2 form handling gadget;

Return CGI Library

The "do-everything" form handling gadget :-).

This is the type of tool we like to develop. Flexible enough to solve most tasks, and yet simple enough to be easy to use because all of the complex parts are optional.

This tool's main purpose is to send form data to any of three locations: back onto the browser screen, into an e-mail message to a contact specified in the form, or into a disk data file.

Other features available include content checking of the form data, and automatic distribution of documents via e-mail.

This gadget is much too large to try to describe in one page. So we'd like to introduce you to it gradually. The links below introduce the gadget's use and demonstrate it's capabilities.

For those that can't remember how to do something, or want to take in everything at once, here's the technical summary:

OK... That's it!

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