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Secure Server - SSL;

Return CGI Library

As of sometime around 2021, our webhosting packages all include a free certificate from LetsEncrypt, which means that https://yourdomain works with no extra work on your behalf.

The only gotcha is that we don't generally force visitors to use the https version of your site. We can do that if you ask.

Handling Data Securely

OK, so the secure server software encrypts the data as it gets transfered from the visitors web browser to the server... now what?

Our recommendation is to use a program like PGP to encrypt sensitive data as soon as it's received. At that point you can either save the encrypted data to a file or mail it to yourself. The mail2 gadget understands how to combine templates and PGP.

Of course you can do whatever you like with the data. But it defeats the purpose of using a secure server if you don't handle the data appropriately.

So, how do you PGP encrypt your data? Easy, the mail2 gadget will PGP encode the data between <PGP> ... </PGP> tags in any templates you use. ( PGP part of the mail2 docs. )

Or you if you don't want to use a template, you can use the pgpmail gadget, which behaves just like the old formmail gadget but change the action tag to be /ssl-bin/pgpmail ...

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