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Domain Registrations - Advanced User Tips.;

Bulk Registrations.

If you are registering less than a couple dozen domains, our online system should be sufficent to meet your needs. Just take the "bulk operations" link is in the text below the 'Lookup Domain' box. (This will also do renewals and transfers.)

Please use your exiting baremetal billing id, otherwise the system will place limits on the value of the transactions you can process. With an established (90 day old) billing ID, the only restriction the system will apply is to keep the number of domains to 15 or less.

If you are working with more than 25 domains, please contact us!

Bulk Domain Changes.

Need to make the same change to a bunch of domains at once? Read this section!

For .CA domains the change procedures are quite different than all other domains. Normally bulk contact changes are not needed, since most people dealing with bulk domains will only have one or a few registrants, and updating the contacts for those registrants will affect all domains owned by the registrant.

For bulk .CA DNS server changes, send a note to support@baremetal.com with the list of domains and the desired dns servers (and expect a confirmation request back to the admin contact address). We have scripts that can implement update DNS servers very easily.

For .COM/NET/ORG/US/INFO/BIZ/.co.uk/etc... the bulk change procedures are tied to how you have setup your registration profiles. If you have all your domains in one profile, you should have an option (when editing contacts) at the bottom of the page to "Apply these changes to" all the other contacts and/or all the other domains in this profile. There is no procedure for bulk DNS server changes :-(. If you have more than 50 or so, contact us, maybe we can implement a solution.

(Note that we are rebuilding our domain management systems and some of these details may change.)

Bulk Rates and Self referrals (saving $$)

Our online registration system will provide you with the bulk rates shown on the domain rates page. Those rates are valid for a single order. The system also has some discounts based on "cumulative volumes".

For high volume clients who want/need to best bottom line price, the last step to make is to make your order into a "self referred" order, which will change the charity donation into a referal credit which will be paid to your account (like any other referred registration). The referrals page talks about how to do this at length.

If you enter your billing ID in the box below and press submit, you should be sent into the domain registration system with your referral tag set to yourself. STOP If you get the option of selecting a charity. If you see the charity dialogue, the referral information is not set and you will not get the credit for the sale.

Billing ID:

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