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Managing Domain Your Domain Registration;

Managing your domain registration means updating your contact information and assigning the DNS servers (name servers). See this for Renewing your domain.

If you need to make a change to your forwarding services, you will want to login the my-account area of the website, click on domain-registrations, click on the domain, and then "Managing Forwarding/DNS" there.

The rest of this page provides details about:

  1. Managing your domain registrations through the "MY ACCOUNT" area.
  2. Managing your .com/net/org/info/biz/us domain registration.
  3. Managing your .CA domain registration.
  4. Why "up-to-date" admin contacts are important..
  5. Managing your domains with profiles.

Managing your domain registrations through the "MY ACCOUNT" area.

If you login to the "My Account" area of the baremetal website, one of the menu items is domain registrations. Currently this has a list of domains associated with your userid. The list shows the expiry date for the registration, provides a link to manage the domain, a link to see the whois information for the domain, and a checkbox to allow you to select domains for a fast and easy renewal.

See the my account page for more details on the "my account" part of the website.

Managing your .com/net/org/info/biz/us domain registration.

Managing non .ca domain registrations is easy. Login to the my-account area, click on "Domain Registrations", click on the domain you want to manage, and then take the "manage registration" link on the resulting page.

There IS another option which can be useful when you don't want to give someone else your master billing id and billing password. This system uses the opensrs userid and password you picked during registration, which should have been e-mailed to the admin contact during the registration process. (The admin and billing contacts are normally the same, so this information would be on the receipt.)

The interface is fairly simple. The only tricky thing is that if you want to use nameservers that are subdomains of your domain, you need to use the text link at the bottom of the "manage name servers" page... e.g. the link which says "If you want to create or modify a nameserver which is based on YOURDOMAIN click here."

Last point, do not forget to delete unused nameservers. BareMetal uses three nameservers by default and many ISPs only use two. Do not leave the 3rd one in place or 1/3 of your visitors will go to the wrong site!

Managing your .CA domain registration.

Our .CA registration system uses a more sophisticated version of "contacts" than our other domains (com/net/org etc). You can assign one contact to more than one domain, and thus update multiple domains with a single contact update.

To update contacts directly, use the '.CA Domain contacts and registrants' link in the my-account menu. To assign contacts directly to domains, use the 'Bulk Changes' link. Or you can ignore all that, and manage domains individually in which case the system will be smart enough to restrict its changes to that domain (click on "Domain registrations", click on the domain, then click on "Manage Registration").

Why up to date admin contacts are important

Why is a domain admin contact important? In the world of the Internet we are often faceless individuals who we may not meet face to face. Passwords and confirmed admin contacts are crucial in maintaining control over services you use online.

We come across this all the time that someone lost their password and has long since changed their admin contact email address in favor of a new ISP or changed jobs or school etc. How then does one reclaim admin access over their domain?

See and contact

The processes require faxing forms and photo ID, and can be a real headache, so please keep a safe copy of your passwords and update your admin contacts prior to losing access to these.

Managing your domains with profiles.

Non .CA domains registered through us can be managed in "domain management profiles". .CA domains are managed with contacts.

Managing your domains with "domain management" profiles.

You can put your (non .CA) domains under a common (e.g. shared) opensrs userid/password profile. This makes bulk updates simpler, as you can apply one update to all the domains in the profile instead of having to update all the domains individually.

Using a shared opensrs profile is a BAD idea if any of your domain registrations lists someone else as the owner/registrant, as they may be able to recover your userid/password.

The ability to set your profile can be done from logging into and clicking on the menu item "Manage Profile", or this is set when doing a registration by using the "advanced interface".

"My Account" area domain management.

The "My Account" area on the website will show you which domains are associated with your billing id. It will also show you the renewal dates and provide links for renewing and managing the domains.

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