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Registering, Renewing, or Transfering a Domain Registration.;

We have made our registration system as easy to use as possible. For almost all registration related activities you can just go to the "register domain" page and enter the domain name you are interested in. The system will figure out if it is a new registration, a transfer from another registrar, or a renewal.

So, that leaves this page to describe the special cases that otherwise might fall between the cracks:

Registering a domain which is expiring soon.

We have two systems for this. Our TBR queuing system works works for .CA domains, and our site works for all the other registrations we handle (com/net/org/biz/info/us/??).

The TBR queuing system is described here, and the TBR process is described in our .CA FAQ.

Our website will watch domain registrations for certain changes in status, and if you jump through the right hoops, it will try to register the domain for you when it becomes available. Now, is _not_ an aggressive "drop" service that effectively competes with the big players like ... instead, it is an affordable service that should be effective at getting registrations for domains which are not going to be popular amongst speculators.

(I guess an explanation of what speculators are looking for would help! Short names and commonly used words have an obvious resale value. Domain-names which are linked from many sites and are listed in directories have a value due to the "stray traffic" they will get. And some longer names like "" have a value because the search engines will list them higher on queries for "web page hosting".)

Transfering a .CA domain between registrants.

See our .CA FAQ for a discussion about transfering .CA domains. In short, our online registration system can not handle RegistRANT transfers (or merges), and you will need to contact support to get these done.

Changing the ownership of a domain name.

Except for .CA domains, changing ownership of a domain is really just a matter of updating the contact info and/or giving the new owner a userid/password to manage their domain registration.

See the "Managing a domain registration" page, for more details.

.CA: Registering reserved .CA names

Assuming the domain is reserved for you (e.g. is reserved for the the owner of, this can be done in our online system by jumping through a couple hoops. First, you need to turn off the "domain is reserved" check by putting the system into bulk operations mode, and then you need to specify your existing .ca name or registrant number by using the advanced options. Alternatively, ask support to help you with it!

.CA: Registering municipal .CA names

This is an administrative headache. Please write to support for help. In order to recover our costs, we require a minimum 5 year term when registering municipal domains. Also see the notes in our .CA FAQ.

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